Cecil Andrus endorses Nels Mitchell

Nels Mitchell is an outstanding Idahoan. He is well educated; a successful attorney; and a man who understands what it takes to create employment for the people of Idaho.  And he is a man who is willing to work! Nels  is going to represent you, me and the people of Idaho,  and it’s time – it’s time to make a change.

CECIL D. ANDRUS, former Idaho governor (1970-1976 and 1986-1994) and former Secretary of the Interior (1976-1980)


web_stallingIn its short history, Idaho has elected some great political leaders.  The great ones put party loyalty aside and work tirelessly for their state and nation.  They represented rich and poor, male and female, and they made difficult votes.  Nels Mitchell will provide the kind of leadership that former great Idahoans William Borah and Frank Church  faithfully provided. 

RICHARD STALLINGS, former Idaho Second District Congressman (1985-1993), Current Candidate for Congress


web_StennettNels Mitchell  has a love of the land and the Idaho way of life. He champions a thoughtful use of our beautiful resources.  In the spirit of US Senator Frank Church, good policy-making and good governing require an effort to reach across the aisle. Nels Mitchell understands the need for a balanced government in Idaho and has what it takes to work with all sides for a constructive outcome.

SEN. MICHELLE STENNETT, Senate Minority Leader, Ketchum



Nels is an honest, hardworking man who will put Idahoans’ interests first. His distinguished career in law makes him an excellent candidate for the United States Senate. I am proud to support Nels Mitchell for U.S. Senate.

REP. JOHN RUSCHE, House Minority Leader, Lewiston




I have known Nels since high school, and I enthusiastically support his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Nels Mitchell is an accomplished leader and a visionary with great integrity. He is committed to serving the people of Idaho with honor.

SEN. CHERIE BUCKNER-WEBB, Senate Minority Caucus Chair, Boise




I’m impressed by Nels Mitchell’s experience and his history of taking on big challenges successfully. Nels wants to serve Idaho in the US Senate for the right reasons and he’ll be a strong and tough voice for Idaho families.

MIKE KENNEDY, former President of the Coeur d’Alene City Council




I first met Nels Mitchell in 1970 when I was a junior at Lewiston High School attending a statewide student government conference. Nels was the newly-elected Student Body President at Boise High, and he impressed me then as a thoughtful, hard-working, and exceptionally capable leader. His professional experience, personal integrity, and commitment to service will make Nels Mitchell an outstanding United States Senator. I am honored to manage his campaign.

BETTY H. RICHARDSON, former United States Attorney for the District of Idaho



Nels Mitchell is my very good friend and was my law partner until he left our firm to run for the U.S. Senate. He is a man of impeccable integrity who stands up and fights for what is right. He knows what Idaho needs to get back on track and we can trust him to be a great U.S. Senator.

REP. GRANT BURGOYNE, House Minority Caucus Chair, Boise




Nels Mitchell will be a strong advocate for Idaho’s working families in the U.S. Senate. That’s because Nels genuinely cares about everyday people, not just the 1%. He understands the challenges Idaho workers face just trying to make ends meet. It’s time we had a senator who will stand up for the middle class, and Nels Mitchell will do exactly that. He has my full support.

REP. SUE CHEW, District 17, Boise


Nels Mitchell champions issues that matter to Idahoans: Job creation, fair compensation for work, investment in education, access to public lands, preserving resources for seniors, veterans’ services, and domestic violence prevention. His candidacy renews my optimism. Nels is a congenial and articulate communicator, adept at listening as well as speaking. He is responsive to questions and ideas from all sources. Nels will bring welcome new energy and inspiration to the U.S. Senate.

Nancy Chaney, Former mayor of Moscow 2006-2013 and former President Association of Idaho Cities, 2011-2012

Yes! I endorse Nels Mitchell for U.S. Senate: